Chapter 7. Open-Source Implementations

Table of Contents
The pyCA Certification Authority
The OpenCA Project[TODO]
The Oscar Public Key Infrastructure Project
Jonah: Freeware PKIX reference implementation
Mozilla Open Source PKI projects
MISPC Reference Implementation

We are presenting a list of open–source or almost open–source implementations of Public Key Infrastructures. In the following sections, we shall get into more detail for each of the implementations.

  1. pyCA, by Michael Stroeder, available at the pyCA WWW site.

  2. OpenCA, by Massimiliano Pala and the OpenCA Team, available at the OpenCA WWW site.

  3. Oscar, by DSTC Pty Ltd, Australia, available at the DSTC PKI WWW site.

  4. Jonah, by IBM (and subsidiaries Lotus, Iris), available at the Jonah WWW site.

  5. Mozilla Open Source PKI projects, by the Mozilla Organisation, available at the Mozilla WWW site.

  6. MISPC, by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) available at the MISPC WWW site.

The pyCA Certification Authority

pyCA is a set of CGI scripts that provide a WWW interface to a Certification Authority. The scripts are written in the programming language Python, hence the name pyCA. It uses OpenSSL as the underlying mechanism for the cryptographic infrastructure. pyCA is distributed under the GPL license.