CryptoSwift eCommerce Accelerator

Rainbow Technologies manufacture a set of cryptographic hardware products and they offer good support for open–source operating systems. One of their products is the CryptoSwift eCommerce Accelerator, which is a hardware crypto accelerator that supports, among others, RSA, DSS, random number generation and secure storage of private keys. For Linux, a binary kernel module is included.

At Rainbow's ISG Labs, one can find performance data and other information relating to benchmarking of the product in common test cases. For open–source applications, a comprehensive study On the performance of Stronghold/Apache+SSL secure web servers, shows significant gains using hardware acceleration.

Interested parties can apply to qualify for a demo card. They need to describe a project that they will be undertaking.

Finally, there is the CryptoSwift Software Development Kit to aid the development of hardware crypto accelerated software.